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Tieri kicks off New England Crime Bake Conference as Keynote Speaker

Idea Agency President and Certified Brand Strategist Christine Tieri will be speaking to a sold out crowd at the New England Crime Bake to be heldĀ on November 11, 2016. Crime Bake is the premier conference for crime-fiction writers and readers in New England. With her presentation, titled “Brand You: Honing your personal brand as a writer,” Tieri aims to help authors in the mystery genre understand why their personal brand is important and take participants through the various steps to hone their personal brands to better stand out in the marketplace. Tieri will kick off the event which runs for three days and features networking with authors, agents, editors and mystery fans.

Tieri’s passion for problem solving, quest for continuous improvement, and expertise as the only Certified Brand Strategist in New England, enable her to work effectively with businesses, brands, communities, and individuals to build their path to success.

“Working with individuals on their personal brand is a special privilege for me,” commented Tieri. “It is about the expertise of applying the best business practices of brand development, but in a much more personal way.”

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