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smith&jones becomes Idea Agency

smith&jones announced today that it has rebranded as Idea Agency, a move that better reflects the agency’s core values, the expertise it provides to its clients, and its true point of differentiation in the marketplace. Idea Agency specializes in three distinct disciplines to address client’s needs:  brand development, integrated marketing, and idea generation.

Founded in 1994, the agency’s rebranding initiative began in early 2015. Christine Tieri, President and Certified Brand Strategist explains, “We went through our own PURPLETM process for brand development – the same one we use for all our clients. We looked at our brand in a new light, recommitted to what we stand for and the value that we bring to our clients – namely, solving business challenges with creativity.”

Now located at 420 Main Street in a wide-open, post-and-beam structure in the Historical District of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Idea Agency’s offices are a place where creativity and collaboration thrive. Most appropriately, Idea Agency’s tagline is “think purple.” Why purple?  “It’s creative, powerful and a little bit magical. It merges the stability of blue with the energy of red and it speaks to who we are. It represents our culture, the way we think, and it’s woven into everything that we do,” comments Tieri. So much so, Idea Agency even houses a brainstorming area called “Purpletopia” which denotes not only a location, but a frame of mind, a state of being.

Tieri summarizes, “While our agency has evolved over time, creativity has always been our hallmark of excellence, the foundation upon which we operate. Idea Agency helps clients build paths to more successful futures with the passion we infuse into each new project we take on; the processes we deploy to unleash our clients’ possibilities; and the inherent promise we make to conduct our business with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect while always bringing a special X-factor to everything we do.”

More information about Idea Agency can be found at

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