Challenging conventional wisdom

With continued nationwide concern about student loan debt and college cost, Hudson Valley Community College tasked Idea Agency with defining the next phase of their “Be bold. Be a Viking.” campaign to solidify the college’s position as a smart choice for students.

A new era in higher education

Competing against the allure of 4-year colleges, Hudson Valley recognized the need for a game-changing rebrand in order to grab the attention of prospective students and show them that their institution could offer them the same college education and lifestyle—at a fraction of the cost. After the successful introduction of their “That’s Bold” campaign, Hudson Valley looked to us to help them map out the next steps for their branded marketing efforts.

Redefining expectations

By directly inviting students to “Create opportunity, not debt.” and “Discover higher education without higher cost,” this campaign evolution provided a strong call-to-action to potential students. Through the use of impressive statistics that differentiate the college from its competitors and an Instagram-like photography treatment, we illustrated both the value and experience of a Hudson Valley education.

An obvious answer

New TV and pre-roll commercials shot using drone videography served as the base creative for the new campaign, showcasing the college’s stunning campus from an entirely new perspective. Focusing our messages on Hudson Valley’s most distinctive attributes (cost, program offerings, positive outcomes, flexibility, personal connections) allowed us to appeal to a wide range of audiences whose concerns about and requirements of their education align with Hudson Valley’s offerings.

Potential fulfilled

In the six months following the launch of the refreshed “That’s Bold” campaign, our marketing campaigns exclusively drove more than 4,900 new visitors to the Hudson Valley website and at least 53 phone calls to the enrollment offices. An annual survey of current students measuring their feelings toward the college’s marketing, reported that the college’s campaign resonates with students: of those who had an opinion, 94% feel positively about it, with nearly 1/3 of respondents reporting that they “Love it.”

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