A bold future awaits

Hudson Valley Community College wanted to revitalize their brand with messaging that would stand out in the marketplace and resonate with their wide variety of audiences.

Turning the tide

Facing bleak national and regional enrollment trends, Hudson Valley knew that they had to do something to help curb the sharp declines of potential students in the area. Amidst a national conversation about the cost and value of a college education, Hudson Valley was well poised as a smart and viable alternative to a traditional 4-year college.

A palpable amount of pride

On our first visits to campus, we felt a presence that we knew had to be captured in the new positioning. We channeled that passion, energy, and pride into simple, bold messages that invited the audiences to become part of this community – encouraging them to forge their own path and “Be bold. Be a Viking.”

Top to bottom roll-out

We helped Hudson Valley orchestrate a launch event on campus where our president, Christine Tieri, along with the college’s president gave a presentation on the new brand and handed everyone a “Viking Manual” and t-shirt. More than 250 students, faculty, administration, and media were in attendance.

A positive reception

In the first year following the brand launch, Hudson Valley saw an increase of 200 new matriculated students. A poll of current students found that the campaign was resonating on campus: of those with an opinion, 94% felt positively about the campaign with nearly 1/3 of respondents stating that they “Love it”.

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