Offering many additional services that complement their catering business, Peppers wanted to take a big picture look at their brand to build a position
that would unify all their offerings.

Combining all the ingredients

Peppers has enjoyed a long-standing reputation as an exemplary catering company. Beyond catering, however, they also provide many lesser-known services. From a bakery that specializes in making exquisite cakes and confections, to a design studio that helps build out a visual experience at an event, to their beverage service that offers special culinary pairings, custom mixology, and bartender services, Peppers is offers a one-stop shop for those who seek to create a unique and unforgettable event.

Peppers hired Idea Agency to help bring all their services together to create a strong and cohesive brand by using our PURPLETM process for brand development.

Creative participation

To kick off our PURPLE process, we invited staff members from Peppers to spend a day with us brainstorming all aspects of the business. Throughout our day, we kept hearing over and over again how every employee was committed to exceeding customer expectations by offering a creative approach to building an unforgettable event experience. A commitment to the art of everything they do was the common thread that kept weaving its way through our discovery process.

An artful new brand

Building upon the foundation of their commitment to delivering an artful experience, we suggested that Peppers re-configure their organization to lead with the event experience – the differentiator that sets them apart from their competition. Through a study in brand architecture, we recommended leading with the newly named brand, “Peppers Artful Events” which became the umbrella over everything Peppers’ offers: Culinary Arts, Cake Art, Art Bar, and Art & Design.

From there we built out their brand identity guidelines which included sub-brand logos for their service offerings, a new website, advertising campaign, corporate identity materials, and more.

An artful rally cry

The new brand was unveiled to the entire Peppers team and met with an enthusiastic reception. The employees all felt they could stand behind the positioning and appreciated the “artful” flavor that ran through the new brand assets. One of the owners sent us a note reflecting the results of the PURPLE process:

“Your team is really going to give great hope and inspiration to our team. We’ve been searching long and hard for an agency that could grasp our pulse and I am excited beyond words.”