The big idea starts with “why”

Tufts University called on Idea Agency to generate ideas for the creation of a brand new Alumni event.

Knowing the alumni audience

Tufts wanted to create a different kind of event – one that would attract alumni leaders, offering a forum that they would find personally and professionally valuable. While they knew “who” their prospects were by name, degree and graduation date, they didn’t understand their prospects’ “why” – their attitudes and motivations behind connecting with the University.

Using attitudinal research to understand motivations

Before we began brainstorming, we recommended attitudinal research to understand the “why” behind key alumni motivations. The research identified four attitudinal segments in their audience and included, for each, desirable messaging, willingness to volunteer and/or donate, favorite social media platforms, communications preferences, demographics and much more. Most importantly, it provided data that helped us and Tufts understand what type of event would be most compelling for the segments they wanted to reach.

The foundation for an amazing event

Using the research as a foundation, we were able to put forth ideas for the Leadership Summit (LeadIt for short), a weekend-long event that incorporated presentations, break out sessions, networking opportunities, and entertainment. We provided Tufts’ in-house design department with a mood board, logo mark, tagline, and graphic elements so they could continue to roll out the save-the-date, invitations, website, agenda, signage and more.

The Leadership Summit: a great success.

The inaugural event was considered a huge success by everyone from the advancement office to executive leadership. Attendees wanted LeadIt to be an annual event, not every other year. In a 24-hour follow-up survey, 100% of respondents gave the event an “excellent” or “very good” rating (82% and 18% respectively). 91% claimed they highly benefitted personally and 38% highly benefitted professionally. 89% of attendees stated they were likely to attend next summit.

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