Launching a new program with huge spectacle

Workers’ Credit Union challenged Idea Agency to create a big splash to launch a new program to their members and the public at large.

Introducing the GiveBack Program

Continuing in the quest of always doing what’s right for its members, Workers’ Credit Union created a program to give back to their members – who actually own a piece of the credit union – some of their hard-earned money.

Does your financial institution give or take?

While most big banks were taking money from their customers in the form of fees and penalties, Workers’ members were delighted to receive money back for keeping their money with the credit union. We figured competitive banks and credit unions would be pretty angry when they heard that Workers’ is all about the giving and not about the taking.

David versus Goliath

To highlight this huge differentiator between Workers’ and its competition, we created the “Angry Wall Street Banker” – played up with top hat and tuxedo – to protest in front of Workers’ branches and “bribe” their members with gold chocolate coins. He and his big bank friends also showed up to picket a Chamber breakfast where Workers’ announced the GiveBack Program. We caught it all on film and made TV commercials, teaser videos, a promotional website, and social assets to launch the program.

Everyone thrilled, except the Angry Banker

The Angry Banker was a big hit, showing up at the Workers’ Annual Meeting, and at other events.

  • In its first year, the GiveBack Program resulted in a 50% increase of core checking account openings in the three months following its launch, compared to the same timeframe the previous year.
  • In its second year, Workers’ opened a record-breaking number of new checking accounts, and opened nearly 300 checking accounts in just one month after the marketing push – an 89% increase over the previous month.
  • In its third year, the GiveBack Program continues to to be a big draw for Workers’ members – see how we’ve continued the success through integrated marketing. And, the Angry Banker has finally retired.

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