We know how important it is for you to stand out in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Sometimes it seems that every school says the same thing. The good news: We can help you cut through the clutter. We have worked with some of the best colleges 
in New England and beyond, supporting their brand development and research efforts, enrollment and capital campaigns, alumni and student outreach, building projects and special events. We can do the same for you.

Case Studies

Hudson Valley Interactive Video

To capitalize on the increasing effectiveness of video content marketing, we created a strategy to utilize short interactive videos to help entice students to enroll at Hudson Valley Community College.

Hudson Valley “That’s Bold”

Hudson Valley Community College wanted to revitalize their brand with messaging that would stand out in the marketplace and resonate with their wide variety of audiences.

UMass Medical School

An innovative new building was only an architect’s sketch at the point UMass Medical School called Idea Agency to create an identity for this landmark project that would “pioneer a new era of biomedical research, medical education, and campus collaboration.”

Tufts Alumni Summit

Tufts University called on Idea Agency to generate ideas for the creation of a brand new Alumni event.

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