At the foundation of every successful financial institution is a strong brand. Download our white paper to learn how to build a brand that impacts your bottom line.


Yes, the financial marketplace is overcrowded—and so tightly regulated it can be difficult to help consumers differentiate among products and services. But years of experience working with community banks and credit unions of all sizes gives us an edge. We know how to help financial companies like you find an authentic position and stand out from the crowd.

Case Studies

Workers’ GiveBack Program

The GiveBack Program from Workers’ Credit Union gives money back to its members and Workers’ relied on Idea Agency to put together a comprehensive integrated marketing program to get the word out to prospects in new markets.

Southbridge Savings Bank

Southbridge Savings Bank wanted a trusted marketing partner. Idea Agency wanted a client who valued brand building and marketing. It’s been a match made in heaven.

Workers Banking that Works

With a new, back-to-basics tagline, “Banking that works,” Workers Credit Union was ready to roll out their brand internally and externally. They called on Idea Agency to connect the brand with their employees, as well as their members.

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