Stand out among some of the world’s best healthcare facilities.

The Northeast is filled with some of the best healthcare facilities and hospitals in the world. It’s vital that you stand out from the crowd. You can only accomplish this through identifying your position, communicating it clearly, and following through on your brand promise. Patients make difficult and emotional decisions; we’ll help you guide them along the way.

Case Studies

edHEALTH Brand Development

edHEALTH, a recently formed consortium of educational institutions, knew they had a good thing going. But to increase their membership, they were going to have to put a face on their organization.

UMass Memorial Health Care

UMass Memorial Health Care is the largest health care system in Central Massachusetts. In order to help the community to understand all of the amazing offerings provided, they called on Idea Agency to
craft a campaign that would encompass their leadership position while highlighting their wide variety of service lines.

UMass Medical School

An innovative new building was only an architect’s sketch at the point UMass Medical School called Idea Agency to create an identity for this landmark project that would “pioneer a new era of biomedical research, medical education, and campus collaboration.”

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