New year. New title.

January 31, 2018

Idea Agency is proud to announce that Creative Director, Paul Tonelli, has expanded his role to Creative & Content Director. Tonelli, a seasoned Boston Creative Director who has been with Idea Agency for nearly four years has been responsible for leading the team in its award-winning creative campaigns including TV commercials, print and digital advertising and web design. Paul’s expanded role in creating and curating content for landing pages, downloads, eBooks, infographics and video has evolved over the past few years alongside the Agency’s continued growth in delivering inbound strategies for its clients.

“Creating content has become a strategy in and of itself,” says Tonelli, “content is entirely designed to attract and engage audiences over time, build trust, and help them all along their decision path. While this inbound marketing approach is very different than more outbound focused ad campaigns, it still all needs to be strategic and on-brand.”

“A shift in marketing has occurred,” explains Christine Tieri, president of Idea Agency, “and Paul has expertly applied his talents as a Creative Director to ensure Idea Agency is providing the highest level of creativity our clients have come to expect along with the new wider range of content executions. It all starts with understanding your audience, and Paul leads the charge in our Persona Discovery Workshops, where he works carefully with clients to outline who the audience is, what keeps them up at night and how our clients’ offerings can solve a problem they might have.”

Aside from reimagining Tonelli’s role, Idea Agency has also incorporated new content offerings to its service line:

ContentRx® – First, we take an inventory of all of our clients existing content. Next, we meet with the client to understand their key persona and pain points. The client then shares their business plans so we can ensure we are building a content strategy that will help them achieve their goals. Finally, we match the existing content to the plan and identify any holes and prioritize how to fill in the gaps.

Video Central – With video becoming the most popular form of content on the internet (by 2019, traffic related to video will make up 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic), Idea Agency has launched a Video Central where we can shoot simple setups right in our own studio or go on location to capture our client in their offices, behind-the-scenes or at events. We edit the videos into bite-sized clips with simple strategies to get the most impact in the online environment. Video Central was conceived as an affordable alternative to hiring out a bigger production company typically used for broadcast quality television spots. While we still shoot for TV, our Video Central is the answer for affordable, quick and effective online video content.

We are not an advertising, marketing or digital agency. We are an idea agency – ferociously committed to transforming your business through our one-two punch of: 1) Building extraordinary brands that differentiate from the competition and command long-lasting attention; 2) Creating powerful lead-generating strategies that attract your audience to drive results and dominate the marketplace.

For more information about our new content services or our existing product and services offerings, please call Nathan Hardt at 508-347-7793. Or email

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