From big data to one-off quickie surveys, these days, companies rely on data for a variety of reasons from understanding their audience, to how they stack up to their competitors in the marketplace, to benchmarking to track results and improvement. We offer a wide range of exclusive* research products that are designed specifically for small- to mid-sized businesses that are turn-key, affordable, and provide companies with the intel they need to transform their business.

Quantitative consumer research
• Audience Audit® – attitudinal segmentation*
• Buyer Barometer*
• Consumer character**

Quantitative Brand research
• Brand Insight Assessment**
• Brand perceptual gauging**
• Brand consideration view**
• Brand benchmark
• Stakeholder gap analysis

Qualitative research
• Focus groups; focus forums
• In-house focus room facility
• Online focus groups
• One-on-one interviews
• Stakeholder surveys
• Employee intel

*Idea Agency is the premier provider of Audience Audit and Buyer Barometer in New England.
**Offered exclusively by Idea Agency, Brand Establishment member

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