Web design & development

Your website is one of the first places your brand comes to life in your customer’s journey. It is your 24/7 sales person, and the face of your brand. It must create an experience that delivers on your brand promise and reflects the position and image you’ve invested in creating. Additionally, your website is a living-breathing asset that needs constant attention and is best used to attract and build trust with prospects to convert them into clients and customers.

Website strategy
• Online strategy
• Website audit; WebRx®
• Buyer personas
• Content strategy
• Inbound methodology
• Website workshop

Website development
• Site map; site architecture
• Navigation
• WordPress
• HubSpot
• Landing pages
• Forms; call-to-action
• Mobile; mobile-first
• Social integration

Website design
• Wireframes
• Style tiles and elements
• Responsive design

Search Engine Optimization
• On-page optimization
• Search strategy
• SEO management
• Keyword research

• Website analytics
• Campaign analytics
• Analysis; insights
• Social analytics
• KPI strategy and reporting
• Digital dashboard


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